The Bespoke ERP for You

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January 30, 2023 by
The Bespoke ERP for You
Rafael Jose A. Olympia

We get it. We've seen it before. Your out-of-the-box solution has worked for you for quite some time, but it's getting more tedious to use, especially as your processes mature. Or perhaps your organization is getting bigger, and your approval matrices need to adapt. That is, the default workflows of your ERP are no longer making the cut. Sometimes you just need a system built just for you, unique in all the ways your companies is. In this case, Odoo Build and Odoo Support are right up your alley. 

Odoo Build and Odoo Support: the pair for success

With Odoo build, we deploy experienced Odoo developers who know Odoo's back-end inside and out, input to output, beginning to end. Odoo's code is an open book, so Malaya Tech can build you your specific workflows, your bespoke reports, and your special calculations. UX is included: we customize views for both desktop and mobile, so you're never wanting for more.

You pair your build man-days with Malaya Tech with its complement: Odoo Support. Odoo Support comprises all the Project Management activities any implementation needs to succeed. Trained by the stringent processes of our Telco and Manufacturing clients, we make sure your scoping, unit testing, user acceptance testing (UAT), and end user training (EUT) are done well.

Break Business Barriers

Malaya Tech loves its custom solutions because this is one of the areas where Odoo excels. On the one hand, we come across a lot of clients that use single-purpose solutions that don't allow customizations. And we understand that scenario: there's not enough volume to break open that code. On the other hand traditional ERPs cost a fortune to customize. 

When it comes to Odoo, customizations are the norm, and run a fraction of what it costs to customize traditional ERPs. So don't put it off, book a discovery call with Malaya Tech!

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