What is Odoo? 

Having trouble using complex software solutions for your business? We present you Odoo, a suite of open-source user-friendly  business apps that handles your business needs. Odoo is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that is used by large companies and is popular among small and medium sized businesses. It is used by businesses in different industries to manage their operations, including but not limited to sales, accounting, marketing, inventory, human resources, and customer relationship management(CRM).

Odoo has 30 main applications which are regularly upgraded to suit multiple business needs. These Odoo apps are integrated with each other allowing you to fully automate your business processes enabling you to benefit more instead of finding a way to get a comprehensive view of your business.

What’s more, Odoo also allows you to kick start your own website for your business. Odoo’s website builder is integrated with AI which enables it to suggest themes to get you started. On top of that, you can connect your website with other Odoo apps allowing you to benefit more from features such as CRM and lead generation. The integration feature will be really beneficial as you install more apps for your business in the future. Don’t fret! Even if your website is not created from Odoo’s website builder you can still connect it with Odoo enabling you to enjoy its features.

Key Features and Functionalities of Odoo

Open source and flexible customization. Odoo is free to use and modify. This means that you will be able to save money on software licensing for your business while also fine tuning the software to your business needs. However, take note that only one app of odoo is free, if you want to use multiple apps, you’ll need to pay a fee. Don’t worry, it will be a worthwhile investment! 

Multiple apps Integration. Odoo offers a wide-range of applications to answer your business needs such as in sales, marketing, inventory, accounting, and human resources. These apps are integrated in a unified system eliminating your worry about integrating multiple softwares for your business.

Cloud-based. Odoo is a cloud-based SaaS solution making it easy for you to access anywhere with an internet connection.

User-friendly interface. Odoo is designed to be used with ease and to ensure the user’s seamless adoption.

Multi-lingual. Odoo supports over 70 languages. This makes it a good choice especially if your business operates in multiple countries or regions.

Scalable. Odoo can be adjusted to meet changes in your business. You can add apps one at a time allowing your business to keep up with growth as your processes and customer base grows.

Interested in integrating Odoo to your business? Contact us. 

We are Malaya Tech Consulting Inc., a certified Odoo Gold Partner based in the Philippines that offers services to businesses to adopt Odoo's cloud-based and analytic platform. We specialize in digital transformation and analytics and we can help you start and manage your journey in leveraging Odoo’s technology.

If you want to know more about Odoo you can visit www.odoo.com.