Odoo CAS is Ready for EIS

Complying with BIR 9-2022
December 19, 2022 by
Odoo CAS is Ready for EIS
Malaya Tech Consulting, Inc.

If your company falls under any of these:

  • Taxpayers engaged in the export of goods and services
  • Taxpayers engaged in electronic commerce (e-commerce)
  • Taxpayers under the Large Taxpayers Service (LTS)
  • Taxpayers authorized by the BIR to issue electronic SIs/ORs through the web-based facility of the EIS

you will soon be required a Sales Data Transmission System, in other words functionality to transmit sales data to BIR's Electronic Invoicing/Receipting and Sales Reporting System EIS). In particular, the EIS has web-based format and an Application Programming Interface (API) transmission functionalities, which tie in to the fact that taxpayers will now have to transmit data in near real-time or within 3 calendar days from the dates of transactions. See BIR RR No. 8-2022 and RR No. 9-2022.

It's a big undertaking to manually upload data every 3 days, and this is where Malaya Tech's Computerized Accounting System (CAS) powered by Odoo comes in. Because our CAS solution is Odoo-based, you have the advantage of a great cloud solution that is API-ready. Your Odoo-based accounting system is always ready to transmit data to the BIR API precisely because it is on the Odoo cloud platform. That means, there's no need for companies to deal with maintaining their own servers. And one last thing: Malaya Tech can get the required JSON formatted data ready precisely because Odoo is easily customizable. Book a call with us to learn more!  

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