A Well-Constructed ERP for Your Construction Business

Built by Malaya Tech | Powered by Odoo
January 30, 2023 by
A Well-Constructed ERP for Your Construction Business
Rafael Jose A. Olympia

Don't settle for a generic ERP. Malaya Tech's Construx+ is our Odoo-powered ERP built specifically for the Construction industry. We understand your detailed labor and material quotations and sales orders. We understand that on top of that labor and material, you have rental, utilities, sub-contracting to consider---all the peculiarities of construction operations. And of course, we understand how project management is your key to delivering high quality structures while keeping costs down. Construx+ takes care of all these, and more.

Let's cover every part of your construction business

Malaya Tech's Construx+ is powered by Odoo, and this means you'll get all the amazing apps to take you from end-to-end processes. In the center is the Accounting app, tried and tested by thousands of companies in the world, and a growing number of companies here in the Philippines. But you also have the CRM app to take care of your sales funnel and quotations, the Sales and Invoicing app to interface with your clients, and the Purchase and Inventory apps to power your operations. Everything is connected, and everything is updated all the time.

Malaya Tech's Construx+ takes care of the little operating annoyances, so you can do the big building

Each of these apps is configured to streamline the processes of your construction operations. Create multiple templates for your common quotations, each presented with the phases of projects and detailed down to the materials and labor for each phase. Add on the apps for rental or maintenance of machines, create recurring expenses to capture utilities, and capture all your products: whether material or labor (even when subcontracted).

Managing a project is tough, let our system share the burden

Finally, Malaya Tech's ace is our customized Project Management app. The core Gantt charting is there, but we put in the inventory and labor tracking functionalities per phase, that is, compare budget vs. actuals, and even push these actuals to your phased invoicing.

Break Business Barriers

We often come across clients who, in an effort to get well-fit solutions to processes use many single-purpose solutions. However, they run into common annoyances of having multiple subscriptions, and data being isolated in their native apps. With Malaya Tech's Construx+, we get your industry specific needs, and we put them all in one system. One access, one platform: that's all you need. Book a discovery call with Malaya Tech!

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