Terms & Conditions

1. Assumptions

1.1 Customer Responsibilities

The customer agrees to:

Project Management Agreements

a.     Provide basic organizational information including the nature of the customer’s environment as is relevant to project execution.

b.     Identify, in writing, a customer-side Project Manager that will be the primary contact for Malaya Tech Consulting and Malaya Tech-side Project Manager throughout this engagement.

c.     Help complete and commit to a Project Agreements document that may cover escalation matrix, communication platforms, and official document repository agreements.

  • Signatories for User Story (requirements), UAT, and phase completion sign offs will be specified in the document. Signatories should be able to provide timely sign-off so as not to delay timelines. In particular, since UAT testers will function as signatories, they should be able to give timely feedback and sign-off.

d.     By default, the sign-off on agreed communication platforms (including UAT document) by signatories as stated in the Project Agreements document will serve as sufficient proof to claim payment per phase as detailed in the payment terms. Otherwise, the customer must provide, prior to project commencement, all necessary documents that need to be completed to claim payment. In this case, the customer must commit to help complete and route documents so as not to cause delay in claiming of payment by Malaya Tech Consulting. Since sign-off is given by the customer based on agreed-upon deliverables per phase, each sign-off will also release Malaya Tech Consulting from any further services under the deliverables of said phase.

Business Requirements and Functionalities

e.     Provide complete and detailed information on processes and structure during user requirements gathering. This includes all file upload templates, excel mock-ups and other input schedule/ report templates that are necessary for the build phase.

f.      Execute test cases with the goal of completing the UAT phase.

g.     Ensure a reasonable turnaround time for sign-off of user stories, raising of issues and sign-off of test cases, and other activities that require Customer validation and sign-off.

h.     Provide, load, and validate Master Data and Transactional (Historical) Data that needs to be in the system.


Provision of Infrastructure and Facilities

i.      I f on-site hours are included in the contract, the customer will provide suitable office space, internet access, on-premise security access, conference rooms, and other logistics support for Malaya Tech Consulting personnel while working at Customer’s premises, if requested.

j.      Provide the platform access to develop on Odoo.

k.     Provide necessary storage for the implementation of the project.

l.      Customer is responsible for ensuring that contractual support agreements and SLA agreements are in place with Odoo and service providers upon whose services Malaya Tech Consulting relies for meeting its responsibilities under the Scope of Work



1.2 Other Assumptions

1.2.1 The service provider will carry out work off-site from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. On-site work will be performed if stipulated in the Sales Order that may include chargeable out-of-pocket expenses.

1.2.2 Prior to Engagement

·        Clear definition on the scope, deliverables and timeline will be defined prior to commencing of the engagement. User Stories must be submitted by the client prior to any scoping meetings.

·         Prioritization of the requirements will be provided. Any new requirements coming up during this engagement will be delivered after and under a separate engagement.


2. Scope of Work

This Statement of Work (“SOW”) defines the scope of work to be performed by Malaya Tech Consulting. Any changes to this SOW will be processed in accordance with a change control procedure. The investigation and the implementation of changes may result in modifications to the estimated schedule, charges, and other terms of the SOW.

Detailed scope and business requirements can be seen in either the Sales Order or Contract of Engagement.

2.1.2.    Services per Phase:

Malaya Tech Consulting will provide the following services per phase:         Scoping

·         Refine the user stories given by the customer in so far as it can be delivered by the system, for sign-off by the customer.         Build-Functional Testing

·         Develop the system to deliver functionalities as outlined in the signed-off User Story document.

·         Document functional testing of each user story in preparation for the UAT         UAT:

·      Resolution of test case execution issues

·      User guidance

·      Back-end data tracing of agreed test data

·      Maintenance of the UAT document (included root-cause analysis) for sign-off by the customer.

Test cases will be created to only cover all required representative scenarios, so as the UAT can be reasonably completed within the phase’s timeline. As such, fully loaded data on the system is out-of-scope during the UAT phase. Scenarios testing the same functionality will be reduced to a representative test case. For example, GL’s that use the same functionality will be represented by a single chosen GL. For fully-loaded data, please refer to Data Migration services, if this is availed.         EUT

·         Provide for end users

·         Document end-user procedures as the End-User Manual         Data Migration

·         Provide M-F 9-5 SLA-applicable data-loading related helpdesk services (subject to queueing, holidays and clarifications from customer) covering

o    Quick training

o    user guidance for data loading

o    back-end data manipulation

o    data tracing

These services are calendar-day based services and are not fixed in scope. As such, Malaya Tech Consulting does not guarantee fully loaded data due to its dependence on customer submission, data preparation and data validation. However, Malaya Tech Consulting will comply with 1-Day SLA ticket resolution that the customer needs to upload data and fully load the data into the system. Any extensions required by the customer will be charged accordingly.         30-Day Warranty

·         Provide M-F 9-5 SLA-applicable helpdesk services covering

o    Quick training

o    user guidance

o    back-end data manipulation and data tracing

o    Warranty for agreed-upon functionalities of the project


2.3.        Project Phases, Deliverables and Payment Terms



Malaya Tech Deliverables

Prior to Engagement

Malaya Tech Team Composition


Requirements Document for Sign-off


Signed-off UAT Test Cases Document


Training and User Manual 

Data Migration

End of Data Migration Calendar Days

30-Day Warranty

End of 30-Day Warranty Calendar Days


By signing and confirming the quotation proposal, the Client agrees to the Terms and Conditions indicated here.