BIR Accredited CAS: Bringing in Wins

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October 10, 2022 by
BIR Accredited CAS: Bringing in Wins
Malaya Tech Consulting, Inc.

BIR-Compliant Computerized Accounting Systems (CAS)

The Philippines’ BIR Revenue Regulation (RR) No. 09-2009 issued last January 2010 mandates all Large Taxpayers classified under RR No. 1-98 and those who are directly notified by the Bureau to maintain and/or adopt a Computerized Accounting Systems (CAS). Accordingly, all books of accounts and accounting records shall be kept and maintained in electronic formats.

Before implementing a CAS in the country, it must be accredited by and registered with the BIR. Previously, a permit for CAS shall only be issued by the agency after a demonstration of the applied system has been evaluated and recommended for approval. However, directives to relax its CAS registration requirements have been issued by the agency over the years. In December of 2020, the BIR issued Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC) No. 5-2021 which categorically removed the need to secure a permit for CAS. Even so, large taxpayers are required to register their systems and all components thereof.

Large taxpayers who are using a CAS not yet accredited by the agency shall be penalized. The penalties, pursuant to RMO 1-90, as amended by RMO 56-2000, are P25,000 on the first offense and P50,000 on the second offense. Moreover, if a taxpayer generates a sales invoice or official receipt from an unauthorized CAS, a penalty of P1,000 for each document issued shall be imposed. However, the maximum penalty shall not exceed P25,000 per year.

Hence, not only is it of utmost importance but, more so, a necessity for Large Taxpayers to maintain a CAS that is BIR-compliant. After all, the main point of using a BIR-accredited CAS is to streamline tax audits of Large Taxpayers in the country. This is in line with the agency’s bigger effort to professionalize business practices in the Philippines.

It would be ideal then to have a computerized solution that is already BIR-accredited CAS. Having to design an in-house accounting system from scratch is possible but may prove to be counterproductive and perhaps even catastrophic. With a BIR-accredited CAS in place, not only will you save a lot of time and prevent errors in a financial capacity, but you can be assured that your accounting modernization processes are in line with BIR’s rules and regulations on CAS.

Implement a BIR-accredited CAS with Malaya Tech

Malaya Tech Consulting, Inc. is your ideal partner for BIR-accredited CAS implementation. We are the first to implement a BIR-accredited CAS in Odoo which is one of the most economical systems currently being used in the Philippines.

Why Odoo? Odoo is a complete suite of business apps that are fully integrated and highly customizable. It is modular and highly flexible making it easier to configure. Also, it can be adapted to all companies: small, medium, or large. New features and highlights are being introduced with newer versions of Odoo making it increasingly famous and most sought after in the market. Moreover, Odoo has an up front and affordable pricing as compared with solutions having equivalent functionalities such as Oracle Netsuite and SAP. With the number of users considered, the licensing fees for NetSuite, for example, are roughly five times the cost of Odoo licensing fees.

If you’re interested in implementing Odoo ERP solution that is already BIR-accredited CAS in your organization, you can contact us here at Malaya Tech. We can help you further with consultation, training, development, and technical support. We also specialize in Odoo custom fits to your business, as we've implemented customization in HR, Manufacturing, Sales, eCommerce, Inventory, Project, Documents and eSign. Our mission is all about transforming your processes and enabling your people through systems!

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