Transform Your Manufacturing Processes with a Quality-Driven ERP

January 30, 2023 by
Transform Your Manufacturing Processes with a Quality-Driven ERP
Rafael Jose A. Olympia

What can we say? Manufacturing just covers so much ground, and we are always in awe of the teams that keep things running day after day. But let Malaya Tech help manage things a bit more easily. Manufacturing+ is our solution for you.

First, we got the ERP part covered.

Our Manufacturing+, powered by Odoo, covers sales invoicing, purchase, and accounting. With all the necessary functions integrated into one system, you no longer have to switch between multiple platforms or deal with the hassle of manual data entry. This not only saves time but also minimizes the risk of errors and inconsistencies in your data.

With a quality-controlled ERP, all of your sales, purchase, and accounting information is seamlessly integrated, allowing for real-time data flow between departments. This means that your sales team can create invoices and track customer payments without having to rely on the finance department for updates, and your purchasing team can keep track of vendor orders and payments without having to access a separate system. This level of integrated data management ensures that all departments are working from the same information, leading to improved accuracy and more informed decision-making.

But for you, it's the tandem of manufacturing and inventory apps that will be central

The manufacturing functionalities of Malaya Tech's Manufacturing+ together are the comprehensive solution for managing and streamlining the production process. It is connected to the inventory app, which provides multi-warehousing and automatic reordering rules. This allows for effective management of raw materials and finished goods, ensuring the smooth running of the manufacturing process. The main manufacturing functionality has a standard work order management system that helps to keep track of production schedules and prioritize work. The Bill of Materials (BOM) configurations are also highly customizable, allowing for the creation of multi-level BOMs or the use of semi-finished products. This gives manufacturers the flexibility to tailor their production process to meet their specific needs and requirements. Overall, the manufacturing functionality provides a complete and efficient solution for managing the production process, from raw materials to finished goods.

and everything else...

The system also includes a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) app for managing product documentation and updating Bills of Materials (BOMs). The PLM app makes it easy to keep track of changes throughout the product development and production process. In addition to PLM, there is a maintenance app that features a ticketing system for preventive maintenance and other maintenance tasks. This helps to keep equipment running smoothly and minimize downtime. Finally, the quality app allows for the management of quality control and inspection schedules, ensuring that products are manufactured to the highest standards. The combination of PLM, maintenance, and quality apps provides a comprehensive solution for managing the complete product lifecycle and ensuring quality and reliability.

Break Business Barriers

We often come across clients who, in an effort to get well-fit solutions to processes use many single-purpose solutions. However, they run into common annoyances of having multiple subscriptions, and data being isolated in their native apps. With Malaya Tech's Manufacturing+, we get your industry specific needs, and we put them all in one system. One access, one platform: that's all you need. Book a discovery call with Malaya Tech!

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